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Have you ever been working out by yourself and needed a spot? Maybe you’re trying to increase strength on your bench press and feeling like you can increase weight but unsure of yourself being able to lift the weight.

The normal thing to do in this situation is to find someone in the gym to give you a spot. Well I wonder how many people in this situation would prefer not to ask someone for help and because of that not add the weight on the lift and not push themselves in their workout any further. 

Why do we not think to ask for help when we need help?

This could be caused by a few things. Which of the following can you relate to?

1.) We don’t want to bother others.
2.) We prefer do it on our own.
3.) We will be embarrassed if we fail in front of someone.
4.) We don’t think we need help.

5.) We want to figure it out ourselves.

Maybe you can relate to one or all of these. Chances are you have been in a situation where you really should have asked for help and didn’t right away.

Maybe you continued to try and finally figured out what you were trying to do. Or maybe you didn’t and quit trying.

When it comes to transitioning from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthier one you will face many moments when you don’t know exactly what to do next. This is when you need to know that it is ok to ask for help.

Some of you reading this are type A independent people and have a really difficult time asking for help. You are so determined that it can hurt you sometimes.

Trust me I know because I am that way too!

But here’s the deal. If you can accomplish your goal in half the time by getting guidance would it be worth it?

Some people spend ten plus years trying to figure it out on their own and never do. The worse part of this is that it discourages them tremendously and then they feel that there is something wrong with them and that is why they can’t seem to figure it out.

There is nothing wrong with you. Your body will respond positively to eating healthy and exercise just like everyone else’s does. You may just need to tweak a few things and approach it slightly different than you are currently doing so.

I have spent 20 years studying exercise and nutrition. I have worked with thousands of people on weight loss. I am confident in my knowledge to help anyone who is struggling.

I have a heart for anyone who feels discouraged in this journey. I long to help them. I believe in being healthy more than anything. When we are taking positive steps in our health we are becoming a better version of ourselves.

Need help? Just ask. I would love to hear from you.

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