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I had a great conversation with a client last week about nutrition.

Often times when I am speaking to someone about their personal eating habits either during a training session or a consultation I like to ask them how they are doing on nutrition. It might be as simple as saying, “what did you eat for breakfast?” or “how would you rate your eating habits on a scale of one to ten?”

The answers they give help me to understand how they see themselves nutritionally. Obviously I want to know what they ate but even more than that I want to know if they are doing well according to their standards. Their standards tell me where they are mentally in this process.

The conversation with my client last week led us to talking about fast food. The question came up if there is anything healthy about fast food and is fast food to blame for people being overweight?

Another topic in this same conversation was about the cost of eating healthy. Is it more expensive to eat healthy than unhealthy? Or is eating unhealthy cheaper than eating healthy?

Both are fantastic questions and your answer to these questions will reveal something very important about your journey towards optimal health and fitness.

Our tendency when we cannot accomplish something is to blame someone other than ourselves for why we cannot do it. I do it too.

Can you eat healthy at fast food restaurants? YES.

Can you eat healthy on a low income budget? YES.

My point today is that circumstances do not dictate your future. YOUR DECISIONS DO.

Do not allow yourself to fall into the trap of blaming outside circumstances for where you are. This leads to a downward spiral of misfortune and defeat.

Regardless if you are forced to eat fast food today or if your budget is less than where you would like it to be use the power of choice to choose a healthy option. You can be healthy regardless of your circumstances. It’s up to you. Embrace this fact and you’ll be amazed how healthy you become.

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