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I am going to be straight with you. I came up with the title to this email this past Friday right after my workout.

I worked out in our noon class and we did a CrossFit benchmark workout called “Eva”. It has been several years since I did that workout. It kicked my butt.

Have you ever questioned why you do what you do sometimes?

After this particular workout I remember thinking how hard working out is. How much it takes physically. How easy it is to not do it. I thought to myself why did I just put myself through this? And this thought inspired my message for you today.

Purpose drives discipline

For me I know the benefit of exercise both personally and intellectually. I have seen first hand my life and the lives of thousands of others transformed by the simple act of regular exercise. You cannot convince me that it is not necessary for a better quality of life.

So no matter how hard a workout is or how I feel afterwards you can bet that I will continue to show up everyday. In other words my feelings do not dictate my decision whether or not to exercise.

How about for you? Is this true?

If you want to achieve long term success in your health and fitness journey you need to have a purpose strong enough to tell your feelings to BE QUIET.

Purpose drives you to do things you don’t feel like doing.

Purpose gets you out of bed everyday.

Purpose leads you to actions and behaviors that are historically uncomfortable for you.

So what is your purpose for exercise?

If you cannot answer this question then you likely quit when it gets difficult and this causes you to be unhappy with where you currently are in your fitness.

If this is you I want to help. I want to be your coach. I want to help guide you towards the healthiest and best life ever. Just let me know you need help.

If you have purpose and are crushing workouts in the gym my encouragement to you is to keep it up. You are inspiring people more than you realize.

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