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Meet Farah. She is now 60 years old, but emigrated here back in 1985 after getting married. She and I go WAY back to my days at the Aggieland Fitness Dome!


She originally planned on coming to earn an education and go back, but after 35 years she is still here and considers the US her home now.


Farah has two adult sons. She is a bio-chemist, researcher, and a pharmacist, which is her favorite because she is able to really help people. In this episode, Farah covers dealing with depression during graduate school, some of it due to the cultural differences between the US and her home country, and how she really had to dig deep and find the root cause of it in order to get better.


One thing she found that helped her was exercise, and this has stuck with her—and now she does Crossfit! Through all the different programs she has tried, she loves Crossfit the most, mostly due to its unique culture. We can’t argue with her on that one!

Listen to Farah’s story


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