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The past couple of weeks I have been addressing things to look for in a new years challenge. Right now you are likely in need of change. It has been a crazy year to say the least and the holidays are taking a toll on you. This all plays into why you desperately need a new years challenge.

With that being said you will begin searching (if not already) for something to start doing in January. Last week I told you that the three most important components to look for in a new years challenge are:
#1.    Community Support
#2.    Accountability
#3.    Specific Exercise and Nutrition Plan

This week I want to address the elephant in the room. 

YOU are the biggest obstacle in your way.

Many people will sign up for a new year challenge and not succeed. But this is not because of the program. It is because they do not really want to change.

This is the part where you should ask yourself a serious question and be gut level honest with your answer. That question being – do I really want to change?

If the answer is no you probably would not have made it this far into this email so I am going to assume the answer is yes – you want to change.

My tip for you today is to address your weaknesses.

What are the things that have prevented you in the past from accomplishing your goals? Is it your mindset? Your schedule? Your attitude? Your time management? Your motivation? Your commitment level?

Identify the areas that could potentially take you down. Write them down and read them out loud. These are the potential pitfalls that would make a person like you who actually wants to change not follow through with a program.

There is so much power in addressing these now before they happen.

Your next step will be to share these with someone whom you are going to entrust to hold you accountable. We’ll call this person your coach.

We all need a coach to conquer areas in our life in which we are struggling in. You see this all the time in sports.

Take kids and teens for example. If they are struggling in their sport you hire them a coach to help them overcome this struggle.

Have you thought about hiring a coach? Next week I am going to give you an amazing opportunity for something I am working on in the coming new year. You won’t want to miss it.



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