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Each day you have an opportunity to clear your head and receive physical benefit from exercise.

I would bet that if you asked everyone who has committed to some kind of disciplined workout program for an extended period of time they would tell you that it is as beneficial mentally as it is physically.
Do you carry stress each day?
You may not realize this now but a daily workout can help you manage that stress. I often tell people that working out won’t fix your problems but it sure does help you navigate the storms that those problems bring.

What does this mean? It means that you are going to have hard days, difficult times and days you feel down about things going on in your life. A workout gives you a temporary relief from these things. In turn it actually helps you re-enter the storm you are in stronger. Not physically stronger but stronger in mind and spirit.

I experience this on a daily basis. Of course this was not the reason I started working out. The reason I started working out was the same reason most people do – I wanted to lose weight and feel good about my body.

I am not sure when I came to this realization but I can assure you now that working out is my escape. Working out is my daily pill. It gives me a sense of mental, spiritual and physical rejuvenation. So much that I don’t want to miss a day of it.

You may not be there yet and that is ok. You may still be trying to get going. Let this encourage you that what you are doing has a compounding effect in multiple areas of your life.

If you understand this message then let this be a reminder to you to continue. Do not get off track. Sometimes when we get off track it can be really hard to get started again.

I believe in you. Let me know if you need my help. That is exactly the reason I am committed to this calling.



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