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Forward to a Friend

I first met Amanda almost two years ago when she came into the gym in response to a 6 week challenge ad. She has become a great friend and has helped me tremendously with the BCS Classic for two years now as my assistant. Her family has become a big part of our gym family.

Amanda is no stranger to fitness however she had no idea what type of experience was in store for her when she started her 6-week challenge in November of 2018. She saw great results and more importantly has stuck with it.

Amanda has fully embraced the community and culture at BoomFit. In her podcast she shares how it resembles her experience being a military family and the connection between the camaraderie of other families who had family members deployed overseas. There was a bond created with those families and she feels the same way with the people at the gym.

She shares how much she needed a community in her fitness journey and life. Her example of fitness inspired her daughter, Gracen, to start working out at the gym as well. Gracen is now in Georgia for college and continues to workout at a gym. It was one of the first things Gracen and her mom looked for when moving her in.

Amanda’s story is a fantastic reminder of the positive impact a gym family can make in your life.


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