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If you are struggling to lose weight or find the motivation to continue on your fitness journey this message is designed for you.

Most people think they do things without any help. This is a desire we have since childhood. I see it all of the time raising four children. They act as if they don’t need any help. But they do 🙂

If you are constantly quitting and restarting your workout plan or meal plan I want to encourage you to try something new. The good news is that you have a desire to keep trying. However you do not have the tools and will to keep going.

In twenty years of helping people lose weight and stick to a workout plan I have learned that most people will not be able to commit long term without some form of accountability. It looks different for each person but having someone they trust guide them along this journey is a key to their success.

What does this look like for you?

Maybe in the beginning you need someone to guide you through each workout. This is what we call personal training. It could take place one on one or in a small group. This is most common if you are just starting. I have had clients who continue with personal training on going because they know if they don’t then they won’t do it.

Now is the time to start. Do not wait until the new year. Get ahead of the holiday frenzy and get your plan in place. Do this one thing for yourself. I want to help. Schedule your no sweat intro today.

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