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Have you heard of the term “cheat day”?

This is a day that people allow themselves to eat whatever they want. There is no concern with the quality or quantity of the food they are eating. Basically you can eat whatever you want.

As I write that I kind of laughed because that is exactly how everyday of my life was in my teenage years before I started my fitness journey.

At some point along my fitness journey I heard of this idea called a cheat day. It sounds great right? Eat whatever you want and as much as you want. Why wouldn’t someone love that.

Over the years I have come to my own conclusion that this is a bad idea. I do not agree with it. And I think this causes more long term damage than a person realizes.

This will negatively affect you in two ways: physically and mentally.

Physically you are doing so much damage and it could very likely offset an entire weeks worth of eating healthy.

Mentally you are accepting something that is not true and worsening your perspective on the truth associated with eating healthy.

I believe in eating healthy period. However I occasionally eat food that isn’t the most healthy. This happens on a rare occasion and I feel zero guilt associated with it.

How often should you eat unhealthy? I don’t know. That is up to you. The better question to ask is how healthy do you want to be? If you want to be really healthy then you will rarely eat unhealthy.

I am barely scratching the surface of this subject so I will table it for now and record a podcast about it later on to give you more insight on the subject.

For now I want you to think about this topic. If you have an opinion or thought send it to me. I would love to hear what you think.



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