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Last week I measured my body fat for the first time in two years. I purchased the InBody Body Composition Scan for my gym two years ago and did a test when I first got it. I have measured my body fat many more times before this but last week was the first time in two years.

I didn’t plan on getting on it yesterday but some friends of mine wanted to test theirs and they asked me what my body fat was so I decided to hop on and see.

Two years ago I was 36 years old, 201 pounds and 8.3% body fat. Today I am 38 years old, 198 pounds and 8.1% body fat. Not much has changed.

I want to share this today for two reasons.

#1 Your metabolism DOES NOT slow down as you get older. This is a myth.

That is like saying a marriage gets BETTER or gets WORSE over time. The quality of your marriage has 100% to do with the behavior of the husband and wife over time.

Your metabolism works the same way. It gets better or worse based on your behavior. The saying that your metabolism gets “worse” or “slower” as you get older is just not accurate.

The more accurate way to say this would be that as you get older you get busier, possibly have children, life changes drastically from your younger years so you stop working out and make more poor nutritional choices so you gain weight.

#2 Don’t measure the wrong thing.

I have owned this machine for two years and put hundreds of clients on it but never felt the need to scan myself. Why?

Let me start by saying that I used to be obsessive with tracking my body fat. When I was 21 I had my boss measure my body fat every week and would probably have asked him to do it more often but didn’t want to bug him. Back then we used calipers and did a 7 site skin fold test.

I feel that numbers are good to track and especially when you are changing eating habits or exercise habits which is why we have this machine and have clients get on this machine every two weeks when they are doing our 6 week challenge program.

But you can also become obsessive with the wrong metrics if you continue tracking numbers like the ones that this report gives you.
I eat right and exercise today to FEEL GOOD and this machine cannot measure that for me. I don’t really care what this machine says if I am totally honest. I want to live a healthy life and feel fit. As long as I can WIN at that I am happy.

Numbers are great to know but please don’t base your success on numbers such as these. The number is NOT the goal. Quality of life is the goal.

No matter where you are on your fitness journey today remember that winning in your health is based on YOUR goals. Your goals are not the same as my goals or anyone else’s.

Take some time to define what success is for you. Then create a plan to get there and stay there for your entire life.



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