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Today I want to share the important reminder that learning a new skill or accomplishing a new task will always come with added work and effort.

When I started my fitness journey I never imagined I would want to accomplish anything more than having a fit body. Then somewhere along that journey I began desiring more than simply looking fit.

I ran longer distances than I ever thought I could run. I lifted weights in ways I had never lifted them before and moved my body in ways I never imagined. Doing these things has taken a LOT of time and effort.

I am reminded of this every single day in the gym. I see people putting in extra time and effort to do the same. They are working towards a new skill or accomplishing a new task.

My wife has been doing crossfit for a long time. She moves very well and has done crossfit through each pregnancy. If you have witnessed it then you know. It’s amazing. I remember her doing 65 pound thrusters the day before Anderson was born! She’s committed and has been consistent for a long time.

Recently something stirred up within her and she now has a desire to get a muscle up. It is awesome to see her putting in extra effort to accomplish this goal and it will be even more awesome the day she gets it.

I want to remind you today that whatever you are trying to accomplish will always require more work than you think and will take longer than you think it will or should take.

Continue to challenge yourself. Remember that this is a journey. Have fun. Don’t sabotage yourself along the way. And most importantly remember what it is all really about.



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