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In pursuit of health and fitness sometimes we lose sight of what it’s all about. I say we because I have been here before and sometimes can fall back into this trap.

Are you under the illusion that once you lose the weight or fit back into certain clothing that you will be happy?

Happiness is a choice you make. Whether you are overweight or in great shape you choose to be happy. The same way you choose to be unhappy.

I have met very unhappy fit people who look great.

As you continue to exercise and eat healthy in hopes of losing weight and toning up remember this very important truth. Happiness comes from within.

Of course you can be proud of the way you look and your accomplishments which creates joy but it will not create the lasting joy you are looking for. That joy comes from deep within. You can have it in whatever physical state you’re in.

If you have that joy does that mean you do not need to exercise and eat healthy? Of course not. You will still benefit from living a healthy life.

Have you tried to lose weight and been unsuccessful? Either by losing it and gaining it back or not being able to lose it all?

My theory is that you should try something new. Try this.

Choose to be happy whether you lose weight or not. Whether you reach that goal or not. Don’t let that outcome hold you in captivity your whole life. In other words you are saying this, “If I lose the weight great but if I don’t I am still going to be happy with myself and who I am”.

This also doesn’t mean you are not working hard towards your goal. Quite the opposite. It means you are going to do your best and not allow the outcome to influence your mood or joy.

Every person has a different body that is made up of different past nutritional habits and experiences. Depending on what age you start your fitness journey and how it responds to the way you feed it will determine the outcome.

Accept that the outcome is not up to you. It is up to your body. Choose to be happy regardless of how it responds. You’ll be amazed how this perspective will impact your fitness journey.

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