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The new year is here. 2024 is your opportunity to make something new in an area that needs your attention. If you so choose.

Today I’ll share something with you that has been a tool used by many people in setting goals and creating a vision for life that is for you. This tool is framing all situations towards the direction you would like them to go.

First, you must understand that your mind and body are an operating system. They do what your thoughts direct them to do. Your thoughts are like clouds. You have many and they come and go. You can grab them or let them move along.

This framing your thoughts illustration can apply from the most simple example of sleeping past an alarm all the way to a more complex example of pursuing a degree in medicine and becoming a surgeon.

Here’s how

Using the first example, sleeping past your alarm or hitting the snooze. You hear the alarm and in that moment your thoughts take over. Maybe thoughts that tell you how tired you are or how early it is. Forget the specifics and just realize that these thoughts direct the ACTION that is to follow.

Who thinks this? You do

Using the second example of pursuing a degree in medicine and going to school for several years to become a surgeon. This journey is years of thoughts. Years of decisions and years of continuous thoughts that build on each other. You can stop or quit at anytime and some do. Or you can continue. The choice is yours and you decide.

How you frame each decision and moment in your life is the precursor to these thoughts. If you tell yourself that you’re tired and you need more sleep and you deserve to sleep late then guess what…you’ll sleep late every time even if that means it is past the designated time you have set to wake up. The same goes the other way around. If you direct your thoughts in the opposite direction that you will no longer be someone who hits the snooze button and will arise ready to take on the day then guess what…you will.

2024 is up to you

What you decide to do in the new year is up to you. If it’s the same old song and dance then it will be. If you desire something different then is can be. The choice is yours.

I want to help you if you would like something different this year in the category of health and fitness. I want to guide you towards your healthiest year ever. But I want to help people who have made the decision to take action. I want to help people who are ready to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

If this is you click the link to join our community and lets get you started asap. Stop putting this off. Now is the time. Another year means another 10 pounds and worse than that another year of thoughts that are not working for you. Let me help.
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