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As Christmas quickly approaches and you begin to ponder gift ideas for loved ones I want to share a story with you.

A gentlemen came into BoomFit Friday whom I have known for several years in the community. He said to me that he would like to purchase some personal training sessions for his wife for Christmas.

I sat down with him and we discussed some of the packages we have. He decided that the best option was to purchase a 6-week challenge platinum for his wife. He will surprise her with it on Christmas.

When I asked him why he was making this purchase for her he said because she has tried several things and none of them work. She wants results. He told me that he knew just the person to go see to help which is why he came to my gym he said.

I am inspired by him for a few reasons. Here are three.

1. He listened to his wife.
2. He is investing in her health and happiness. (This is not cheap)
3. He is putting trust in a friend to help his wife with her goals.

How many gifts will you purchase this year that will end up somewhere in a closet in a few months?

How many gifts you purchase this Christmas will positively impact the quality of life for someone else?

This Wednesday you will hear a story on my podcast of an individual who received a birthday gift in September of personal training who has since lost thirty three pounds. This gift has changed this persons life. Plus he is committed to losing another thirty pounds and has a plan and a coach to help him do so.

If you would like to give someone or yourself the gift of health this Christmas I can help. We have various programs and packages that can meet your budget and their needs. Just contact me so that we can talk about it.

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