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Growing up and even to this day my dad has taught me and in grained into my spirit how powerful my thoughts are. I can vividly remember conversations in my youth where he would tell me to think positively and it will happen.

This is now my default setting. I choose to believe. I choose to have hope. I choose to have good thoughts.

How does this apply to your health and fitness?

The first question I would ask you is what do you believe about your personal health? Is it positive or negative? The next question I would ask you is when you embark on a new diet or exercise program do you believe with absolute faith that it will work for you or do you have doubt?

According to what my dad taught me you must not doubt for an instant. You must believe with certainty. You must have faith.

The negative form of faith is fear. It is the firm conviction that something bad is going to happen. Pure faith, on the other hand, is the certainty that whatever happens will be good.

I’ll leave you hear for now on this subject. Remember that your thoughts really do matter. They have a tremendous impact on your life. You have the power to control your thoughts. This should motivate you to think a certain way.


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