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I started my fitness journey at a local YMCA. I was 18 years old. I had no idea what to do but I knew one thing – I wanted to change my physical state.

I remember going to the YMCA and walking into the weight room. I found some workouts in a Muscle and Fitness magazine to follow and never looked back. I had my plan and I had my place. Two very important components to any program.

I still remember the day I went across the street to Smoothie King to buy my first protein supplement. I don’t recall exactly why I figured I needed some protein after my workout. I don’t think I knew anything about supplements or nutrition. I walked into the store and the owner was there. I told him what I was doing and what my goals were. He then guided me to the shelf with various options and I ended up purchasing Lean Body 42 grams of protein packets. That became my post workout drink for the next couple of years.

I kept going to the YMCA and I never looked back. I was there everyday. I enjoyed it and I felt comfortable. My transformation had begun and I could feel the internal transformation beginning. By the end of the summer my body had changed both on the outside and on the inside. I was about to head to Texas A&M for my freshman year of college and felt like a new person.

My mission is to Build Better People. I experienced it first hand in myself when I started my fitness journey and now I have personally witnessed it in thousands of people. When you begin working out something happens on the inside. Something unexplainable and transformative. You cannot pinpoint a certain moment when it happens it just does. This is the moment you realize that this workout thing is about so much more than external transformation. This is when you get hooked. And it doesn’t happen once or twice. It happens over and over through out your life when you commit to a regular routine.

Never quit. If you do always start back up again. Everyone deserves to experience this gift of transformation through fitness. I call it becoming a better version of yourself. It is my life’s work and calling to teach this principle to others. It never gets old and it wakes me up each and everyday.

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