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Meet Jennifer. She is 36 and has been working out with coach Bennett for the past 10 months.

Jennifer came to us wanting to put on muscle. That’s right—here at Boomfit, weight loss isn’t the only thing we focus on. Muscle building may seem scary—but it’s exactly what can help you get the toned and muscular body you’ve been seeking.

Weight hasn’t been an issue for Jennifer, but she really wanted to put on muscle. Enter coach Bennett. Bennett has helped her go from 114 pounds to 120—thats six solid pounds of muscle that she has been able to put on since starting a consistent weightlifting program.

In fact, Jennifer tries not to focus on the scale. The number is not the goal. Jennifer works out and is happy with her progress because she feels better. She is able to do things she used to not be able to do.

This is a great podcast to listen to if the scale has been messing with your head lately. The number on the scale doesn’t have to be the only indicator you focus on during your weight loss or weight gain journey!

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