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Run YOUR Race.

There were approximately 1500 participants in Florida when I did my Ironman. You are surrounded with other participants through out the entire race. At all times there were people passing me and sometimes I would pass others. It was actually funny at times because you begin to notice certain people based on outfit or what bike they had. I would pass them and then a few miles later they would pass me.

This happens on your fitness journey as well. You may workout in a group or at a gym where you are surrounded by other people. Or you may have a workout partner.

Don’t compare yourself to them.

You must run your race. This is your journey. It doesn’t matter what others around you are doing. They can distract you from the progress you are making or even worse they could discourage you because you feel they are making more progress than you.

Have you heard of the saying comparison is the thief of all joy? It is true. Take the Ironman triathlon as an example. There are 1500 people taking on this enormous physical challenge. All 1500 are champions in my opinion. They are doing something that less than 1% of the population will ever do. But I’ll bet there are people who during their race felt moments of discouragement because they began paying attention to others.

Everyone is on their own fitness journey. 

The key to success is to continue on your journey. Do not allow yourself to negatively speak about your efforts. If you are showing up and giving time to exercise you are winning. The game is won individually over time. Quitting is losing. Do not quit. Keep going. Fight the fight and stay in the race.

Do you need help?

Help looks different person to person. Some people simply need to read this and they are back on track. Others need to meet in person and become aware of the importance of this journey. Then there are those who need a coach. Someone to guide them and be there for them so they don’t fall off track. Who are you? It’s important that you know because it could make all the difference in your success.

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