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Shelly Rice has been a part of our gym family for several years. In the fall of 2019 she managed to break the weight loss plateau and lose 20 pounds on the 6 week challenge.

Prior to this she felt stuck. We all know that feeling. When you workout day in and day out and the scale doesn’t nudge.

Shelly had seen tremendous success a few years prior and was able to lose 30 pounds. She was able to keep it off and maintain but knew she could still do better. This is what led her to sign up for the 6 week challenge.

Shelly has now lost a total of 50 pounds and has formed a strong bond with the group of friends she works out with. Her story stands out to me because it reminds us exactly how to get unstuck and break the weight loss plateau that so many people face.

She shares how meal prepping is the single most important key to her success. Her story will inspire you and give you practical tips on how to approach your fitness journey especially if you’re feeling stuck. Listen to her story here.


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