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I read a book a few years back called The Power of the Other by Dr Henry Cloud. One thing I took away from this book was affirmation of the impact that a peer or a coach can have in a persons physical effort and abilities. I see this happen in the gym every single day. It is crazy how much more you can push even when you think you have nothing left.

This weekend I hosted an event called the BCS Classic. The event consisted of 200 two person teams. These teams have been preparing for this event for months. Training daily and sometimes multiple times per day.

I witnessed first hand all through out the day how much impact a workout partner or community can have in physical performance. Athletes of all ages and fitness levels gave it all they had and somehow even found more to give when they thought they had nothing left. Personal records were broken and confidence soared. It was awesome.

The energy that is created through an environment like this produces effort and ability that exceeds anything prior to the event. Each athlete will tell you that there is nothing like competing at an event like this.

Have you ever ran a well organized race? Regardless of the distance you always push harder the day of the race.

Why is this?

For the reason Dr Henry Cloud explains in his book – The Power of the Other. When we are surrounded by others living in community we are encouraged and challenged. This produces greater results.

Do you have this in your life?

If you don’t that may be the reason you have not pushed harder or gone the extra mile. If you want to take your workouts up to a new level find a friend to workout with or a group of people to meet with regularly.

Finding a community of like minded individuals to workout with will take your workouts and results to a new level. If you need help finding one reach out to me. I would love to talk to you about joining ours or helping you find one to plug into.



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