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Are you winning or losing your fitness journey?

We are two weeks into the new year and by now you have realized that the momentum of the new year has simmered. The newness of the year has all but disappeared. In other words, it is no longer a new year. It’s just 2024.

This is the reality of the new years resolution phenomenon. It is like a bright light that beams until it disappears and you’re stuck with whether or not you really want to do this thing.

I love new years and I love goals. I also love follow through and execution.

In the book Atomic Habits James Clear writes about how to change habits and to become the person that…fill in the blank. In other words, if you are not a runner and you aspire to be ask yourself what would a runner be like in this instance? What does a runner do in the mornings? Where does a runner shop? Then begin to do the things a runner does and identify as a runner.

The message today is you cannot skip steps to win. Period.

Winning requires a grueling process. Michael Jordan didn’t become Michael Jordan instantly and there is not one step in his story that he could have bypassed. The hard times especially. The failures especially. They are all part of the grueling process of him becoming Micheal Jordan. Millions of people wouldn’t have made it through the Michael Jordan process even if they were guaranteed Michael Jordan success. Heck, most of his teammates hated being on his team because he pushed them so hard and demanded so much from them BUT they loved winning NBA championships.

The difference between Michael Jordan and all of the other people out there who want to be him is one simple yet complex fact – quitting. Quitting is the guaranteed way to assure yourself that you will not win. Even if you give less than your best for a period of time but don’t quit you are still on the path to winning.

Today is the first test of the new year goal that you set. Will it be something you work through and continue to pursue or will you quit on that goal? It’s up to you. But you cannot skip this very important step to win. You have to go through it and come out on the other side of it.

This is the first email of three so there is more brewing and the next email will be specifically how to get through the hardest of the hard. The lowest of the low. The bottom. If that’s where you’re at then you’ll want to read that email. I’m writing it to you.

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