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Sugar cravings are a very sneaky thing. I don’t think there is a human on the planet who doesn’t like the taste of something sweet.

Growing up one of my favorite things to eat at a Chinese buffet after my meal was the ice cream on a cone from the machine. Do you remember that?

I would fill myself up with the greasy salty Chinese food then finish it off with the sweetness from the soft serve ice cream and fortune cookie.

I do not indulge in this anymore and to be honest with you I can pass on most sweets now without feeling tempted. Occasionally there is something that looks delicious and catches my eye. I don’t always give in but when I do I know what will follow.

After I eat something sweet it’s like I flipped a switch inside of my body on that wants to eat more sweets. The interesting part about this is that until I ate something sweet this switch was off. I turned it on by eating something sweet.

Some people can turn this switch on and it is no big deal. They can ignore it or even stop after one bite. But if you are like me then you know how dangerous turning this switch on can be.

When Alicia and I first started dating we went to a local restaurant called Cheddars and ordered a dessert called a cookie monster. It was delicious. It was a giant chocolate chip cookie on a warm skillet served with hot fudge, nuts and vanilla ice cream on top. This is a very bad combination for me because it tastes so good 🙂

Well, about a week after first eating it we decided to recreate this glorious recipe at home. So we baked chocolate chip cookies and added hot fudge, nuts and blue bell homemade vanilla on top.

Sure enough it was delicious. Only one major problem. We made about 12 cookies and there are only two of us. AND to make matters worse Alicia is one of those people who can eat a little and then stop. So guess who ended up eating all the cookies? Yup. I did. Not only that but I would put the hot fudge, nuts and ice cream on top as well.

This is just one example but trust me there are more.

Over the years I have learned a valuable lesson when it comes to sugar – it is like a drug for me. Sugar cravings are a real addiction. As much as I want to think I am in control if I eat them I am not. There are things happening inside my body that make me want more.

If you have a sugar addiction and want to stop my best advice is to ween off. Replace the unhealthy sugar with a healthier sugar like fruit. For example if you have become accustom to eating ice cream after dinner every night try replacing the ice cream with some grapes or another fruit that you like. This would be a great first step.

Eventually you will need to limit sugar to very special occasions. How often? Maybe 1-2 times per month. And you need to be ready for the cravings to fire up when you eat sugar. Remember the triggers are just like those from any addiction.

Almost every single person who signs up for our 6 week challenge has a sugar addiction. The reason they are able to stop eating sugar cold turkey is because they are paying us to make sure they don’t. This can be one of the best ways to rid yourself of the addiction. Then after six weeks you realize you don’t need it and you feel so much better without it.

If you have a really big sugar problem it is really hard to manage it on your own. You need accountability. Let me know if you need help. I have been there and would love to help you.

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