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Tyler Stillwell, 27, shares his incredible fitness journey on the Building Better People Podcast. Tyler knows what it feels like to weigh 500 pounds.

From an early age he knew he wanted a family, he wanted kids and has had a deep conviction that he did not want his parents to have to bury him so he started his weight loss journey.

As a freshman in high school Tyler weighed 324 pounds then by the time he graduated he weighed 478.8. In the next three years he worked with a personal trainer and got down to 232 pounds.

Then life circumstances occurred and he got back up to 377 pounds in the next 2-3 years. Today Tyler weighs 241 pounds.

His story is powerful. It is a great reminder that no one can lose weight for you. It has to be your decision. You will be amazed and inspired by his fitness journey. Click here to listen to his story.


Listen to Tyler’s Story


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