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Meet Beth—she is no stranger to the Building Better People Podcast. Beth originally shared her fitness journey on the very first episode of the Building Better People podcast which was published on January 4, 2017 — and she is back to give an update on her fitness journey.


Beth is in a really fun spot because she met her original fitness goal about a year ago, and has since entered into a new phase that has brought about a whole new set of challenges. She recently completed a maintenance period and is now in a build phase where she is purposefully trying to gain weight to build muscle. What she once thought was easy to do has proven to be just as difficult, if not more, than dieting and trying to lose weight! She also opens up about her decision to have plastic surgery to remove the extra skin from her 120+ pound weight loss journey. 


Beth also talks about the importance of having goals, even if you’ve reached your original fitness goal. For Beth, setting small goals to keep her motivated as she works towards a bigger goal is extremely helpful. Listen in to hear a truly inspiring fitness journey!

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