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Forward to a Friend

I heard a TedTalk a few years back by Simon Sinek that led me to buying his book – Starts With Why. Maybe you have heard of it.

This short talk he gave put into words what I believe is the driving force in someone’s personal achievements and success. This applies to all areas of life but in this message I will break it down as it applies to your fitness journey.

If you are reading this email then chances are you have realized that most all things never go your way. In fact, there is always an obstacle or road block ahead.

One thing you can assure yourself of is that there will be challenges to overcome. The question to ask yourself is what is your typical response? If you aren’t sure I will give you some examples.

Example 1: You have decided to do a no sugar challenge for 10 days. You heard of this from a friend and you think it would be a great thing for you to do. You have a sweet tooth and you know you eat too much sugar. So you start on a Monday and the first couple of days are no problem. You stick to the plan. Then comes Friday and you are faced with you biggest challenge all week. You head over to a friends house and they have baked a delicious dessert for everyone coming over. This isn’t just any dessert, it happens to be your favorite and your friend had no idea about the no sugar challenge and wanted to surprise you with your favorite treat. What do you do?

Example 2: You signed up with a trainer after a recent doctors appointment that shook you up. You know you have needed to do something for a while. You have 3 kids who are all under the age of 10 and your health is not good. Your spouse has encouraged you to do something in the past but you have not been ready. The doctors appointment was the real reason you signed up. After the meeting with the new trainer you agree to working out Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 6am. The only time that makes sense for you to workout is early morning. You know this is going to be hard because you are not a morning person. It is Sunday evening and you set your alarm for 5:30am for your first workout Monday morning. At 2am your entire house wakes up. There was a really loud storm that woke up your four year old and that led to waking up the other children and by the time you get everyone back to bed it is 4am. You lay back down and you know the alarm clock is going to sound at 5:30am for your workout. Sure enough the hour and a half of sleep felt like a blink and now the alarm goes off. What do you do?

These are two examples of obstacles you will face in your fitness journey. There are tons more. You probably faced one today already.

My point in sharing this message today is to ask you what your purpose is? In Simon Sinek’s words what is your WHY?

In his book he goes in depth explaining the importance of having a strong WHY. His argument is that most people know what they do and how they do it but not WHY they do it.

His book is written on leadership and business but it also applies to nutrition and fitness.

When you make healthy changes to your diet it is pretty simple to identify what you are doing. Going along with the illustration in example one above the how is by cutting sugar out for 10 days. But the million dollar question is WHY?

Your WHY needs to be convicting. It should move you to action. When you are faced with an obstacle your WHY is the reason you don’t give in to temptation.

If you have a strong purpose but need help with the how and what schedule a call with me to talk. I can also help you uncover your WHY if you aren’t sure what it is. The how and what is exactly what I have been helping people do for almost 20 years.

I am here to help. I believe in you. Now is the time to start.



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