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Well…seems like Thanksgiving got the best of me. Homemade¬†chocolate chip cookies with vanilla blue bell took me down ūüôā or actually took me up on the scale.

Somewhere in the past year I started weighing myself each morning. Prior to this I never would weigh myself. This has become data that I record in my Garmin app each morning. I used to think daily weighing was not a good idea but I have changed my opinion on this. Today I will explain why. You can decide if it is a good idea for you.


The daily morning weigh in is immediate accountability for how you ate the previous day. One thing I have learned by doing this is that the number correlates to the quantity and types of foods I eat. I know when I eat too much but often times when I didn’t weigh myself I would not be aware how much it affected my weight. I sent a previous email how I have transitioned from weighing 200-205 pounds and now 189-194 pounds. I am down 10-12 pounds since last years Ironman and I like this weight for me. I believe this to be more in line with long term health and overall wellness for my body. The daily weigh in has helped keep me in this margin.

Informed not Obsessed

My biggest hesitation on the daily weigh in before was that I didn’t want people to become obsessed with the number on the scale. However I believe that this is a metric just like checking your bank account balance. You are informing yourself to see if you spent to much yesterday and how much you have in the account today. Or in this case if you ate too much. You must be able to manage emotions if you do this and not attempt to do anything extreme because of it. For example, if you weigh 170 pounds and wish to weigh 150 pounds you shouldn’t starve yourself to lose the 20 pounds. Fasting works but it needs to be done correctly. More on this topic in a later email. In short, if you obsess with the number on the scale this could cause you more damage than good. You have to make the call here.


I have seen the largest benefit on adjusting my intake based on the number. For example, gaining 5.9 pounds on Thanksgiving led me to being more mindful on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I assure you that I could have gained another 5-7 pounds in those 3 days. However when I weighed in on Friday morning I made a mental note to dial myself back in because I weighed 198.7 as you can see above. By Monday morning, yesterday, I was back down to 190.1 pounds. This kind of weight gain can be common during a vacation or the holidays. I know I would have eventually gotten back on track but this was a quick turnaround because I was informed.

Should you do this?

I don’t know. If you were my client I could better understand your situation and goals then coach you accordingly. You can always try it and see how if helps you. It has helped me and I know a lot of people do this.

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