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About six months ago, in December, Alicia saw the news story on KBTX that D1 closed. D1 was a franchise gym located next door to the Physician Center on University near Highway 6. I hate seeing businesses close and especially gyms because I know how special the community is within them. The news story peeked my interest so I made some phone calls. I got pieces of the story and really felt bad for the members of that gym.


Well, truth be told, when that gym opened five or so years ago I remember visiting it and thinking how AWESOME the space was. I have visited hundreds of gyms all over the world and this gym is breath taking. If you have been there then you know.


Turns out the business occupying the space, D1, filed bankruptcy. This is public information and was actually on KBTX. After about a month the landlord reached out to me to see if I was interested in taking over the space. I was definitely interested in hearing more so we started the conversation.


Being completely honest, this was not on my radar and I wasn’t planning to do this. I actually said no for about five months. But after lots of conversations with the landlord and negotiating terms that I would feel comfortable agreeing to I made the decision to take over the 12,000 square foot space. We officially took over the space July 1st.


We are hard at work to prepare the space for our LABOR DAY grand opening but here are some bullets of the vision of this second location.


1. This is a GYM PLANT. Meaning we are planting a second campus. WE as in our entire gym family is a part of this. The comparison I have used when explaining what we are doing is that of a church plant. When a church is expanding it is exciting news for the entire church. This means the church is growing and wanting to reach more people. That is what we are doing with this second location. Helping more people have a space to experience our culture and become healthier and better versions of themselves.


2. This second location will be a carbon copy of Longmire. We will offer Private Training and CrossFit just like we do at Longmire. The uniqueness of this space will allow for some youth programs that we do not offer at Longmire. Stay tuned for more info on this.


3. We need your help. Help us share this vision and this exciting news with as many people as possible. Currently the gym has zero members. The more people who know the better. We will be sharing the transformation of the space through social media so you can see everything there but word of mouth is the best way to grow the community. So please begin to tell your friends that BOOMFIT is expanding and we would love for everyone in the Bryan/College Station community to come and be a part of it.


Mark your calendar for September 4th. This will be our GRAND OPENING. We want everyone to come. We will offer workouts and fun activities that day along with invite community partners to set up vendor tents. It’s going to be a celebration and we want you to come see the space after we finish building it out. The gym will officially open Tuesday, September 5th, at 5am.

Our membership PRE-SALE will begin August 1st. More details to come on this but please mark that date on your calendar because I definitely want you to secure your spot if you are looking for a gym family to plug into.

Thank you for your constant support. No matter where you live or how long it has been since we connected I feel your love and encouragement. It puts wind in my sails. I am so FIRED UP about this and hope you lock arms with us to bring this exciting news to B/CS.


Have a wonderful day and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Feel free to call or text me at 832-434-2386 or email me any questions.

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