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This is the first email on a new series focused on the WHY of exercise. Last week I was asked a question by a client about why we do a specific type of exercise. It prompted me to explain that the exercises we do in the gym are designed to enable people to express their fitness outside of the gym.

Why be fit?

Exercise is often viewed as a chore. We put in countless hours in the gym throughout our lives. We lift weights, stretch, run, jump and many other movements each day in hopes to lose extra unwanted pounds and maybe have a better quality of life.

Why bother doing all this work? 

If you are a fit individual chances are you experience life in a different way than if you are not. Things you do everyday seem effortless to you. Walking a flight of stairs for example. Your heart rate may rise but you don’t notice. However if you are not fit you notice the slightest increase in your heart rate or challenges on your muscles and joints.

Children are able play freely and do not even think twice of how fit they are. That is until they become unfit. Not all children are fit. Think back when you were a kid. Did you ever feel out of shape? Most kids just play. If they get tired it’s because they are playing too hard. I have three boys and they love to play. Everyday at school they play outside and they tell me about how many laps they run and the football game they played.

Remember PE and recess?

As an adult we stop playing. We get jobs that sit us at a desk all day or rarely keep us moving or active. This leads to little to no physical demand on our body which gradually leads to becoming unfit. If we workout then we train our body physically to keep moving. I often think of the classes at the gym as adult PE.

Why does this matter?

As you get older you will continue to ask your body to do physical tasks. Some are more demanding and others are less demanding. Your fitness determines your ability to express yourself in life as you age. For example, if you water ski that is an expression of your physical fitness. If you go for a hike in the mountains that is an expression of your physical fitness. If you mow the yard that is another expression of your physical fitness. The list goes on.

Are you limited by what you can do?

This first email was intended to make you think about your fitness. In the next email I will give you health markers that tell you if your body is aging well or not. You won’t want to miss it.

If you are ready to commit to your health and fitness reach out to me. I have helped thousands of people start their fitness journey. I want to help you take back your life.

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