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I kicked off a new email series last week about understanding the time factor in a fitness journey. If you missed the first email or didn’t get a chance to read it click here to get caught up.

Losing weight takes time. Here’s a road map on the a timeline for weight loss. Each stage listed below is different. You will see how each stage builds on the next one. Anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight knows how each of these phases go. As you read I want you to identify with where you are right now.

Phase 1 – Discovery – Lose 3-6 pounds

This is the stage in the journey where you decide to do something. Usually inspired by a significant date or life circumstance. This phase is approximately 2-4 weeks. Not much progress is made in weight loss here because you are simply trying to figure out what to do. You might do some research on programs during this phase. If you lose weight in this phase it is minimal and due to making a minor change either by changing one thing about the way you eat or adding some activity to your lifestyle.

Phase 2 – Getting Started – Lose 12-18 pounds

This is the stage where you commit to something. You sign up at a gym or opt in to a nutrition program. It took you phase 1 to figure out what to do and now you are moving forward with a plan. Consistency is critical during this phase. You must make workouts a priority and adhere to the meal plan to maximize results. This phase lasts approximately 12 weeks and you will lose 1-2 pounds per week during this phase. It is here where you set yourself up for success long term. If you quit in this phase you lose hope. Sadly this is the phase where most people fall off the wagon. 

Phase 3 – Breakthrough – Lose 15-20 pounds

Here is the phase where the results come big time. You are almost 4 months into your journey and there is no stopping you. You have completely immersed yourself into a fitness program and you have figured out how to make the nutrition program you started in phase 2 work for your lifestyle. This is where you have momentum. If you have ever been here before then you know what this phase feels like. You have a positive outlook and you actually look forward to working out. This phase will typically last 24 weeks. It is rinse and repeat. Do the same thing again and again. Very few people who set out to lose weight make it here. This is the 1% of the 1%.

Phase 4 – Final Push – Lose 10-12 pounds

Losing those last few pounds is the most difficult and frustrating part of the journey. By this point you have lost 40 pounds and you are in a completely different physical state than when you started. You have learned how to eat to fuel your body and lose weight. Workouts are no longer a burden. Showing up to the gym is part of your life. The number one obstacle in this phase is too much confidence. You actually start to allow yourself to eat more loosely. Foods you avoided in phase 2 or limited are now being allowed more frequently. Your metabolism is functioning much betters so your feel fine about not being so strict. This is the danger with this phase and this is why losing the last 10 pounds can be so hard. The key here is reminding yourself to stay dialed in on your nutrition. Often times a simple reset or junk food cleanse is helpful during this time. This phase lasts 12 weeks. Losing the last 10 pounds doesn’t come off nearly as quickly as the first 10 did. If you made it here then you know.

Phase 5 – Maintenance – Lose body fat and Gain muscle

Here is where you made it. You lost the weight and you committed long enough to see results. Now your goal has shifted from weight loss to losing body fat and adding muscle. You are not so much concerned about the number on the scale anymore but more about toning and shaping specific areas on your body. Workouts are now frequent and intensity is up. You are likely recognized by your peers as a person who works out. You have been consistent for a year and there is no going back to the old you. Nutrition in this phase is the key to your success. You have to experiment with the perfect quantity, quality and balance of the food you eat. You are willing to weigh and measure food in this phase and add extra workouts to your week. This phase lasts for the rest of your life.

Where are you on this journey?

What phase are you currently in?

It is important to understand the difference of how you feel in each phase. You know if you have tried to lose weight. Breakthrough comes with continued progress through the phases. The timeline listed is one year and beyond. It sounds like a long time but it isn’t. Think about how quickly the last year has gone by.

My offer to help

I mentioned in the last email that I am kicking off a nutrition program on November 20th and January 1st. These are going to be small group 6 Week Challenges that last 42 days. I am limiting each group in participation to provide the best results.

This challenge will includes a meal plan, food list telling you exactly what to eat, 24/7 support from me and measurements to track your progress.

The price for this program is $599 but I’m marking it down 50% for the first 5 people who sign up. If you would like to lock in your spot click here and pay the discounted rate of $299. Upon payment I’ll reach out to you to see which of the two dates, November 20th start or January 1st start you would like to do.

I can help you no matter which phase you are currently in. The key is to ask for help.

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