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In this month’s 10 minute pep talk I hit you with the hard truth: Some times people are not achieving the results they want because they are not doing everything they should be to reach their goals.

As Dave Ramsey puts it, “You are the problem….but the good news is that YOU are the problem because YOU can fix YOU.”

“I can’t work out because I’m traveling.”

“I can’t eat healthy because there were not healthy food choices available.”

“I have too many social events coming up to try and diet right now”.

Sound familiar? It’s time to start taking personal responsibility. Today is not about making you feel bad. It’s about motivating you to take ownership, and make your health a priority. Give this one a listen and save it for the future because its going to motivate you to start putting in the work you can control to reach your goals.

Listen to the pep talk

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