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Trying to get started working out or making changes in your nutrition can feel really hard at first. Especially if you’re doing it simply by doing the “assigned work”.

Eating healthy and exercise can feel like assigned work when you start your fitness journey. We all know we should do these two very important things to get positive results. But true change comes when you do these things from the inside out. Let me explain.

Working out and eating right are simply by products of the transformation that happens on the inside of us. Simply eating healthy to eat healthy will not last. It will get old quick. Just like working out to workout won’t last either. Those two things are tasks not key motivators.

Key motivators that drive you to do those tasks come from within you. They stir up inside of you and cannot be contained. They will make your will power and determination feel limitless.

When your motivation to become healthy changes on the inside of you then you will make lasting changes that impact your health.

Here’s an illustration.

I snuggle and hug my kids a lot as seen in the picture above. The driving force behind me doing this is my abundant love for them which is inside of me. I love them SO much.

My way of expressing that love is with lots of hugs, kisses and snuggles. We hug a lot at our house and if you know me then you know I’m a hugger.

When you workout simply to do the chore of working out it would be like me hugging my kids with no love inside driving me to do that. In other words I would be just doing it to do it. This would get old especially when they’re drooling all over me and they have all definitely done that 🙂

But it never gets old. The sweetest moment in the world is when they first wake up and they walk out with that tired face and hop in my lap. It melts me every single time.

Could you imagine feeling like that about working out and eating right?

So many people approach eating healthy and exercise the wrong way. If you’ve been struggling this could be exactly why.

So how do we transform on the inside? I’ll address this at a later time.

I hope you have breakthrough today in your fitness journey. If you need help feel free to schedule a free call with me.



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