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This is the first of three emails that will include everything you need to know about intermittent fasting. I will start with sharing with you my experience with it. If you care to learn more about how it may apply to you feel free to email me and we can start a conversation about it.

Let me start by sharing that I have always been a ‘eat five meals per day’ kind of person since starting my nutrition journey. This probably applied to as far back as I can remember because I love to eat and that framework fit my appetite as well. So the thought of restricting food for large segments of the day and week was very new to me.

When I started my fitness journey in the spring of 2000 I weighed 242 pounds. All I did to lose my first 40 pounds was run a couple of miles every other day and cut out soft drinks. That’s it. But after about three years of hovering all over the place in my weight I finally nailed down a meal plan. I went from weighing 206 lbs at 16.9% body fat to 202 lbs at 4% body fat in 12 weeks. That is right. I dropped 12.9% body fat in 12 weeks.

How in the heck did I do that? By changing the way I ate.

The way I ate for those 12 weeks was by eating three healthy meals each day – breakfast, lunch and dinner, and then having a protein shake in between meals. A total of five meals per day. This worked for me then and has worked for me a long time after. It has also worked for thousands of my clients over the years.

Why change it?

Great question. I consider fitness and nutrition my calling and the two educational subjects that peak my interest the most. As I get older I study them more. The more clients I work with the more I learn about these subjects. As my body ages and the biological and physiological responses it has to aging the more I learn. I consider my personal exercise and nutrition practice to be my laboratory of research for my life. I am always trying to improve the system and make it better for my clients to achieve optimal results faster than it has taken me.

Change is hard.

If something works it is hard to change it. It is even hard to question it. That is why I didn’t pay much attention to intermittent fasting when I first heard about it several years ago. I thought that it was completely opposite of what has worked for me and it actually conflicted with my beliefs about preserving lean body mass – muscle, while trying to lose body fat.

Well this belief has changed and I am now a person who not only practices forms of intermittent fasting daily but has been enlightened to the benefits specifically how it affects blood glucose level, stress, sleep, exercise and overall weight management.

Like I said this email is the first of three so I will be sending two more in the next 7-10 days. Be sure to read them if this topic peaks your interest. By the third email you will know all I know about this topic and how I apply this into my current regimen. Feel free to email me if you have specific questions about intermittent fasting.

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