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I remember as a kid how much I loved to eat out. Thinking back I am not sure exactly what it was about eating out but I would much prefer that over eating at home.

My teenage years were filled with Taco Bell, Burger King and Mcdonalds. Looking back now it was convenient, cost effective and tasted great. The alternative which is preparing a meal at home takes time, planning with groceries and sometimes can feel more expensive.

Eating home cooked food is essential to living a healthy life. I would go as far as saying that at minimum 80% of the food you eat should be prepared at home.

If you are like me growing up and 80% of your food comes from eating out then it is likely contributing to the extra weight you are carrying.

Why is eating at home so important?

When you prepare your food at home you know exactly how it is being prepared and can monitor every ingredient.

A few years ago I learned some very disturbing information about chicken from most restaurants. It is rarely a plain chicken breast with some seasoning like you would make at home. Most restaurants will purchase chicken breast that is pre injected with a combination of oils and seasonings to keep the chicken tasting extra juicy and flavorful for a longer period of time.

You may be thinking “Charlie, what is the problem with that? I like it when it tastes good.”

Here is the problem, that injection includes a high amount of seasonings and oils that add high amounts of fat and carbohydrates to what should be a plain chicken breast adding protein only to your diet.

So a 6 oz chicken breast that should only include protein and be about 135 calories ends up being 400 calories with high amounts of carbohydrate and fat. This chicken breast when combined with sides and table bread (plus butter) makes for a disastrous meal. And that is assuming you’re ordering chicken! 🙂

At my house we always season our chicken with some olive oil but it pales in comparison to what that injection adds to the chicken at restaurants.

This is one example and there are many other eye opening examples that can be summed up with one statement – when you eat out there are so many variables about the food that you are clueless about that are hurting your diet.

Make a point to eat at home. Explore new foods and ways to prepare them. Ask friends who eat healthy at home how they do it.


I want to warn you about something. This is something that has been holding you back your entire life from achieving success in areas you struggle to succeed – MAKING EXCUSES.

Don’t do this anymore. Don’t make excuses for why you can’t cook at home. Don’t thing negatively about cooking before you start. Reprogram your life to cook at home.

Cooking at home today is easier than ever before. Groceries can be delivered to your home. Companies will mail you raw ingredients and recipe cards with step by step instructions on how to prepare these healthy recipes.

You do not have a good excuse. Start now and you’ll see how much it transforms your health. When you cook at home you will feel better and gradually see the scale go down.

If you need help with this and are not sure where to start please reach out to me. That is what I do everyday and what I am most passionate about.
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