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Time to confess.

Friday night, at around 7:30pm, I ate a bowl of Blue Bell Butter Crunch ice cream…true story.

As shocking as this sounds (even to me as I write it) I share this with you because it’s important for you to know that perfection when it comes to eating is not the goal and you need to know when to let loose.

Eating the ice cream was not something I planned to do or had thought of all day or all week it was an on the spot decision. This morning I thought it would be good to let you into my head as to how I came to the decision to indulge in a little blue bell in hopes that you can be encouraged in your fitness journey 🙂

The kids were off school all day for Good Friday and in the evening time they wanted to do Family Movie Night. They chose Elf…you know with Will Ferrell. Alicia had told them they could have ice cream in the living room which is a special treat and definitely not something we let them do often (both have ice cream and have it in the living room).

So Alicia set them up an area on the floor and proceeded to make five coffee mugs of blue bell one for her and the other four for the kids. In that moment, seeing the matching mugs, I thought to myself “I should join in on the fun”. So I grabbed a mug and put one more next to the other five and told Alicia that I am going to have some blue bell.

The kids know that daddy doesn’t eat sugar. It is quite comical around our house because it is an actual topic of discussion at times.

I told them that daddy was going to have some ice cream and they loved it. I think Anderson was the most shocked (he’s my five year old).

So we all watched Elf and ate blue bell. It was not a big deal at all but if you know my track record with eating it was a huge deal. I try to stay dialed into my eating. I don’t ever intend to eat unhealthy food. So why did I eat this bowl of ice cream?

Here is WHY.

First off, ice cream tastes really good. I mean lets be serious who doesn’t like the taste of ice cream? Just because I don’t choose to eat it doesn’t mean I don’t like it.

Second, I wanted to share in the moment with my family. As sacrificial to my diet as it may sound it was worth it. My kids were eating ice cream, my wife was eating ice cream and I was partaking in the fun with them. My family needs to know that dad lets loose every now and then and they need to know it is ok to do that every now and then.

Lastly, one bowl of blue bell isn’t going to set me back. I workout everyday and eat healthy nearly every meal. My body knows how to burn calories very well. In the big picture of things it was probably good for my body to be challenged a little extra.

This message is not intended to encourage anyone to eat ice cream. I just want you to know that being perfect is impossible so don’t try to be. I also want you to know that there are times that deviating from your strict diet is totally ok.

The last thing I want to leave you with is to remember that you are setting an example for someone in your life. If you are a parent then know that your kids are watching how you take care of yourself. If you are not a parent then maybe it is a co-worker, a family member or a friend. You are setting an example. What example are you setting for them?

If you need help in this area I would love to talk to you. Sometimes all you need is some encouragement in the right direction.



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