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If you are reading this email then chances are you are making an effort to live healthy and fit lives. Often we forget that the battle is in our minds and we can be the worst encouragers to ourselves in this journey.

I speak with people everyday who do not feel like they are winning in this journey. This email is intended to be short and sweet. It is intended to remind you that you ARE winning and to keep going.

Winning in this journey has nothing to do with how much you weigh, what size clothing you wear or even how you feel. Winning has to do with taking small daily steps in the positive direction.

Sometimes this step simply means you acknowledge that you mess up and course correct. It is important to realize that messing up is part of this journey.

Don’t be your worst critic and live like a failure. You are reading this email and that alone is winning today. Take this journey one day at a time. Get help if you need it and never give up. Staying on the journey is winning.



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