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What are you thankful for specifically when it comes to your health? 

Often times we can become very critical of ourselves and forget about all the wonderful things our bodies do for us on a daily basis.

This week we will celebrate Thanksgiving. We will eat and gather with family and friends. When I was growing up we would all share what we are thankful for during our Thanksgiving meal. For that moment it felt as if everyone was grateful for one another and appreciative of the family.

Something that I have learned in my life is the power of gratitude. It truly is a mindset. You either are or aren’t grateful. This behavior will shape and influence your perspective on life.

The same applies to our health and fitness. How can we take this mindset specifically to our workouts, nutrition and personal health?

Workouts – Be grateful you get to workout. Thank your body for whatever it gives you. Have a realistic perspective of what your body does during a workout to meet the demands you give it. The deeper you go in this thought process the more you will thank your body for even the simplest of things you do.

Nutrition – Be grateful your body processes and metabolizes the food you eat. Be especially thankful that your body has put up with you for eating so poorly all the times you have. If you are anything like me I am amazed my body even works after eating so poorly for the first 18 years of my life. Next time you eat know that your body is working hard for you. Thank your body for working.

Health – Be grateful you are breathing. You spend each day with people you love all thanks to your body working. There are literally millions of things happening each day within your body that allow you to be you and do what you do. Simple things to us like opening our eyes and seeing are incredibly complex. This is a prime example of your health working for you. Be thankful your body does what it does.

When you are grateful for these things it puts a healthy perspective on them. You take care of yourself because you realize what you have been given. You don’t feel burdened, quite the opposite you feel grateful.

There is a saying that I heard a few years ago, instead of saying “I have to” start saying “I get to”.

For example, instead of saying “I have to workout tomorrow morning” try saying “I get to workout tomorrow morning”.

Realize that some people do not have a body that works as good as yours. Your body is capable of so much. It is a privilege to have it and our responsibility to take care of it. Fill out the form below to get started!



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