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I’m kicking off the first of three emails tonight talking about the space in between your ears. This is where all change begins and where it can also fall apart. Your MINDSET.

There are various definitions of mindset. The one that I believe to be the most simple and accurate is: MINDSET is the story you tell yourself. In other words, your mindset is based on your thought life. How you view a circumstance or event creates a mindset around that event or circumstance.

To go a step further a person can attach a victim mentality to their mindset or story which will amplify those thoughts. The victim mentality is an acquired personality trait where a person tends to regard himself or herself as the victim of the negative actions of others even in the absence of clear evidence.

The content in this email and the following two may be EXACTLY what you need to get past the current plateau or funk you’re in. Often times your hurdle has nothing to do with the program you are following or the place where you workout. It has everything to do with the story you are telling yourself.

How do you get past these mental blocks?

Great question! You must unpack the matter. First write down your thoughts in detail. Get everything that is in your head out of your head. You need to take it all the way from head to paper. Write out how you are feeling and why you are feeling the way you do.

As you write my encouragement is to breathe often. Take deep breaths – four second inhale and four second exhale. This is going to regulate your nervous system. Don’t stop writing until you have nothing else in your head.

Next read it out loud. Take one deep breath between each sentence. Allow yourself to listen to yourself. Do this two to three times. Do not rush this step. It is important for you to hear yourself. Everything you wrote was in your head and now you are able to actually say it out loud. Remember one deep breath between each sentence.

This next part is optional but can create breakthrough.

Share what you wrote with someone.

Not just anyone. It needs to be someone who you trust and feel safe with. Explain to them the process you did to get these words on paper. Read what you wrote.

IMPORTANT. They cannot give you advice. They are just there to listen. Tell them this in advance. Explain that you simply need them to listen to you.

After you have done this write out what insights came to you.

Did your story change? Did you become aware of anything that was holding you back? Write it down and take action immediately.

Stay tuned.

This is the first email introducing the concept of MINDSET. I have so much to share on this subject. In my next email I’ll share with you my own struggles in this area and the tools that I have learned to help keep myself in a healthy head space. You definitely want to read it.

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