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How do you start your day?

Do you have any particular way that you prefer to start your day?

Is it intentional or not?

In this unique episode Joe Shafer, a member of BoomFit for 3 years, interviews me (Charlie Lima) on the importance of daily routines and prioritization.

I believe in starting my day a certain way. It sets the tone for how it goes and reminds me of what it most important in my life. Joe asks some great questions that allow me to openly share the importance of intentionally structuring your day to incorporate what’s most important to you.

When you take control of your morning it will begin to give you additional capacity and sustainability in multiple areas throughout your day. I find it to be life-giving instead of being a burden or just a checklist to complete.

Taking time to reflect helps you to recognize priorities, and determine what things need to be allotted time in your life.

In this interview we discuss topics from spirituality, personal growth, family time, to working out. Click here to listen.


Listen to this Special Episode!!


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