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This is the third and final email on the topic of RECOVERY. If you missed the first two you can click here to see the first email I sent on All Things Recovery and here for Recovery Part 2.

I hope the previous two emails have informed you of ways you can be proactive about longevity and health. A recovery plan is important and it beautifully compliments any exercise program. Today I’ll tell you exactly what I do. I’m not perfect about it but try my best to adhere to this protocol.


I stretch everyday prior to workouts. This is incorporated into our crossfit classes at the gym. We don’t jump right into workouts. We always take time to get our body ready for movement. This is one of my favorite parts of the group classes at BoomFit. In addition to this I try to attend 1-2 yoga classes per week at YogaPod. I started this back in September of 2022 when I was training for my first IronMan and it really complimented my workouts. Plus you benefit more than just physically. There is a meditative component to these sessions that is beneficial mentally as well. This is definitely something I will continue to do.

Cryo/Cold exposure

I try to get in a minimum of one to two cryo sessions per week at Restore. My new UNIVERSITY location is located next door to Restore so I hope to increase my cryo sessions to three or four sessions per week. I do this at a temperature of -220 degrees and go for 3 minutes. It’s awesome. I listen to a song and as soon as I get out I feel refreshed. I really like getting in the cryo tank when my body feels sore and extra achy from workouts. 

IV Infusion

I receive one IV per month at Restore as well. Where I see the most noticeable difference after these is in my sleep scores. I measure my sleep through my Garmin watch and when I get an IV my sleep score and body battery shoot up. Ultimately it makes my stress go down which helps my body recover. Not the kind of stress that you’re probably thinking. The stress that is more physical than mental. If my body experiences less stress at night I sleep more restfully. My Garmin measures stress based on heart rate, movement and activity. There is such thing as good stress but while you sleep your body wants to be as close to complete rest as possible. The IV has proven to help with this. Another obvious benefit is the nutrients and fluids. Especially with the long runs and bike rides in this heat we are experiencing. 

Massage and Targeted Body Work

I love to get massages. Once per month I get a two hour massage. This helps tremendously with my overall recovery. It is very therapeutic for me as well. Sometimes I fall asleep because I am so relaxed. A massage is different than targeted body work. Targeted body work can come from a device like a theragun, a foam roller or a practitioner. From time to time I need targeted body work. This usually is because I tweaked something. If it is serious I call my friend Troy Barnes who is an Airrosti doctor. If it is minor I work on it myself using various techniques that I have learned through out the years. I think it’s important to address these issues and not ignore them as part of a recovery plan. The more serious issues need attention by a professional so they don’t linger.


The items I listed are the ones that help me. I think this works well for me and it fits into my schedule and plan. Some items may work for you and you may want to look into other items that are not listed here. The key is for you to be thinking of your recovery and how to approach it. I did not talk about two things here that are very important in my opinion: Sleep and Zone Two Cardio. These two items are essential in recovery in my opinion. Maybe I’ll unpack each of those in a future email.

An exercise plan is the first step. The statistics show that 77% of Americans do not exercise. So there is a high probability that several people who read this email do not workout. If you need help designing an exercise plan let me know. This is what I do and what I am really good at. I would love to help you. As always feel free to ask me any questions about this email. Thanks for taking time to read this.

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