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Monday’s announcement of the official workouts for the 2022 BCS Classic means go time is inching closer and closer. This window of escalation promises to be as exciting as it is crucial todialing in the final details for athletes, staff, and volunteers. Like a crescendo, the electric energy and palpable anticipation will only grow stronger by the day. But when Friday Night Lights rolls around, you won’t want to miss a second.

Standing on this side of the competition, several thoughts reverberate throughout the mind. How will our strategy hold up? In what ways will I surprise myself? Will people find our team’s name to be iconic? Not to mention, it can be difficult to simulate the adrenaline rush of competition in training. That rush alone has been known to gas some unforgettable moments.

To address the mosaic of emotion, excitement, and everything in between, who better to consult than the guy who has seen every iteration of BCS since the beginning? Whether this is your first competition ever or the next in a long line of experience, the entire time is taking every stride to ensure your time in Bryan-College Station is a high point of the year.

Here’s more on what Charlie had to say.

An Ode to New Things

If you’ve been following these weekly blogs, you know Friday Night Lights will be the first of its kind for the BCS Classic. Naturally, the team is excited to see how this addition will play out.

To match this feeling, it’s a snappy couplet with snatches and gymnastics bar work. Quick work to set the tone for the weekend early, this workout undoubtedly promises an epic display of all the best things—fitness, teamwork, and hustle. Maybe there will even be some first pull-ups. Here’s hoping.

Make no mistake, the barbell work doesn’t end on Friday. Saturday brings the heavy weights, nestled around the fan favorite: burpee-box jump overs. You read that right. Burpees for breakfast.

The fun keeps moving Saturday with Echo bike and more gymnastics. Then, as things warm up, it’s time to lace up the running shoes and prepare to address the sandbags. All in all, 4 unique tests of fitness and teamwork that will hopefully be as fun as they are memorable. The Froning way.  

Adapt and Overcome

If you tuned into any coverage of the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games, you likely noticed the essence of the workouts was seemingly different than in year’s prior. In short, the consistent theme across the events nodded to the very definition of CrossFit, constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Emphasis on the constantly varied part.

Charlie noted how the nature of the workouts for this year’s BCS Classic feel like a level-up. Much like the evolution and progression of CrossFit itself, you are poised to embark in a chapter of BCS that has never been written before. It’s possible the movements and standards fall “within your wheelhouse”. Or maybe they strike fear in your core.

Either way, valid.

Best of all, you are in this thing with your partner. It’s likely tensions might escalate, or the vibe will grow dicey. But, when this occurs, remember why you’re out there. Let it anchor your communication, teamwork, and effort.

It’s been said before, it is natural to want to win. Or to fixate on the finite outcome of fitness competition. However, getting lost in the details sometimes mean we miss the richness of the experience.

What if you recalibrated your approach going in such that you could bank on challenging yourself to level-up regardless of the outcome? Adapt and overcome.

The Final Countdown

One week out. That’s it.

If you show up in full force willing and eager to swing for the fences, even if you don’t stand atop the podium at the end of Saturday, it’s hard to imagine that as a loss.

The entire team is here to celebrate it all. The firsts. The victories. The struggle before the breakthrough.

Thank you for being a part of this story. The best still awaits.

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