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One of the hardest things you will face in the early stages of your fitness journey is fighting to stay motivated.

Do not underestimate the power of being motivated. Most people quit because they lose motivation.

To dive a little deeper into this topic I want to ask you a question, what do you do when you start feeling discouraged?

Discouragement is at the root of not feeling motivated. Discouragement will send you into a downward spiral. Discouragement is the reason yo-yo dieting is even a thing.

There is a tactic that I believe is bullet proof and will help you fight off feeling discouraged. Are you ready for it?

Talking about it.

You need to open up to someone about your feelings of discouragement. Maybe you have not seen the results you had hoped for or maybe you feel stuck. These are all very normal feelings but when you keep them inside and do not share them then you are the only person who is able to speak into these feelings.

Since you are the one feeling discouraged there is no way you can encourage yourself. All you need is to hear something better than what you are telling yourself and it could be the thing that gets you feeling good again to go another day.

You see the thing you are really up against is not diet and exercise…IT’S YOU.

You are up against the voice in your head that tells you to quit. It tells you that you will never reach your goals. The voice in your head that kicks you while you are down.

Sounds pretty awful right? I have spoken to enough people to know this to be fact.

This voice is very loud in the beginning stages of your fitness journey which is when most people need to be encouraged the most. After a period of time which varies on the individual that voice becomes quieter and the encouraging voice in your head becomes louder.

When you are in the beginning stages of your fitness journey and you begin feeling discouraged you need to open up and tell someone. Often times this will get you back on track.

Be sure to tell someone who you feel cares about you and cares that you are healthy. Telling the wrong person could actually be worse if they are not supporting you in this journey.

This is one of the biggest benefits of having a gym family to support you. Your gym family and coaches will encourage you each day you go to the gym. If you are missing this piece it could be the reason you continue to fall off the wagon.

We all need community. It is part of our design. Do not try to do this alone. I am here and would love to visit with you if you would like to talk.

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